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Oslomarka - literally "Oslo's lands" - makes the city unique among capitals. These lands are available for recreation and together cover an area that is larger than that of the city of London and about twice that of New York. They are hilly and wooded, and the geographical centre of the city is at a woodland lake. Save for the core of the city, Oslo has lots of open space, so much that it is the only capital in which Olympic Winter Games and World Ski Championships have been held.

Oslomarka consists of eight areas: Vestmarka, Bærumsmarka, Krokskogen, Nordmarka, Romeriksåsene, Lillomarka, Østmarka and Sørmarka. The woods of Romeriksåsene merge in the north into Hadelandsåsen and continue all the way to Gausdal Vestfjell.

Øvresaga in Østmarka
Øvresaga in Østmarka

All the areas are wooded with numerous lakes and active forestry. There are only a few cultivated fields and it's far between settlements, but in areas close to the city, there are many cabins and lodges with food services. There are innumerable choices of tours. There are networks of marked trails, and most roads are closed to motor vehicle traffic. So there are many superb cycling routes as well as hiking routes, and many of the lakes are ideal for canoeing.

Most popular routes:
Bærumsmarka: From Skytterkollen to Brunkollen, from Hauger to Kolsås and from Fossum to Østernvann.
Hadelandsåsen: From Nordre Ålsbygda over Hvalebykampen and from Lygna to Lushaugen.
Krokskogen: From Tverrsjøstallen to Svarttjernshøgda and from Skansebakken to Smedmyrkoia and to Oppkuven.
Lillomarka: From Solemskogen, Årvoll or Ammerud to Lilloseter and from Movann to Sinober and Lilloseter.
Nordmarka: From Frognerseteren to Tryvannstua, Skjennungstua and Ullevålseter, from Sørkedalen to Kobberhaughytta, from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter, from Skar to Øyungen, from Tverrsjøen to Svarttjernshøgda.
Romeriksåsene: From Bruvoll to Snellingen, Grua to Nysetergruvene and from Lysdammen to Busterudvangen.
Sørmarka: Granerud to Gaupestein, from Smerta to Bjerkebekk and from the car park at Gårdmannsbråten to Stuene.
Vestmarka: From Sem to Skaugumsåsen, from Solli to Hovdehytta and from Dikemark to Kjekstad.
Østmarka: From Ellingsrud to Mariholtet, Nøklevann round, from Skullerudstua to Østmarkskapellet, from Sandbakken to Skjelbreia and Vangen, from Trosterud - Lutdalen to Østmarkssetra, and from Østmarkssetra to Hauktjern.

In addition to the 1:50,000 main map series, there are 1:25,000 trekking maps of Kikut (2003) and Østmarka (2003) and 1:50,000 maps of Oslo Vestmark Summer/Winter (2003) and Oslo Nordmark Summer and Winter versions (2003). The northernmost areas are covered by the 1:50,000 map of Hadelandsåsen (2002) and the 1:100,000 map of Mjøsa-Randsfjorden (2000).

DNT Oslo og Omegn has one staffed lodge and 13 no-service cabins in Oslomarka. Mustadkroken is available only for groups. You will need to take a sleeping bag, food and a key to stay at a no-service cabin. Non-members as well as DNT members may stay at the cabins, but only DNT members can have keys.