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08.07.2013 - 12.07.2013
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Rondane in a nutshell

Rondane. Foto: Kristin Bochud

This popular hike will take you through the heart of Rondane National Park in a few days. We start in the east and gradually rise through the forest and above the tree-line towards this impressive mountain range. For those interested in geology, the nature here shows us how the landscape has been formed by the help of the glaciers throughout history.

Tilsvarer krevende tur Viser at terrenget er småkupert

- Hike from cabin to cabin for 5 days
- Great variations while hiking from south to north
- Panorama view to the spectacular mountains of Rondane
- Accommodation in staffed lodges.

Foto: Kristin Bochud Illmanndalen. Foto: Kristin Bochud


Day1 Arrival Bjørnhollia
Meet up at Oslo Central Station at the top entrance to the platform 20 minutes before departure.

Departure 08.02 by the Trondheim train (arr. Oslo Airport Gardermoen at 08.28), arrival Ringebu 10.55. By extra bus to Rondetunet, arrival 12.08. Hike to the lodge Bjørnhollia (892 m), 5 hrs.


Bjørnhollia - Rondvassbu
Through the valley, Illmanndalen, to the lodge Rondvassbu (1167 m), 4 hrs.

Day3 Rondvassbu - Dørålseter
Up Rondhalsen (1647 m) and steep down to the lake Rondvatnet (1167 m). On to the lodge Øvre Dørålseter (1050 m) , 5 hrs.
Day4 Dørålseter - Grimsdalshytta
Through the fascinating, but rocky mountain pass, Dørålglupen, on to the lodge Grimsdalshytta (1000 m), 6 hrs.
Day5 Grimsdalshytta - Hjerkinn, return Oslo
Across Steinbuhøe to Hageseter (911 m) 4,5 hrs, and then to Hjerkinn, 1 hr.
Departure at 16.35 by train to Oslo S, arrival 21.04 (arr. Oslo Airport Gardermoen 20.33).

Dørålglupen. foto: Kari Larsen Rondane. Foto: Kristin Bochud Bjørnhollia. Foto: Kristin Bochud

About the terrain Rondane covers a varied mountain landscape of high peaks, lichencovered plateaus and lush valleys. The park is dominated by the high peaks, narrow ravines and deep valleys of the Rondane massif. The poor bedrock supports only a sparse vegetation of mainly lichen and heather. Boulders and scree make the access difficult at times.

Kr. 3.390,- from Ringebu/to Hjerkinn
Kr. 4.330,- from/to Oslo
Additional non-member price NOK 950,-. Sign up for DNT-membership.
The package includes: Accommodation, tour leader, all meals (breakfast, sandwich/thermos, normally three-courses dinner) except of: First day only dinner and last day only breakfast, sandwich/thermos.


The duration given in the program is estimated walking time without breaks.  
Selvbetjeningshytte symbol= self-service cabin

Map Rondane Nord 1:50 000.
Have a look at for updated map- and trail information.
Get maps online by contacting our Tour Information Centre, see information below.

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Rondane. Foto: Hilde Løken Magnussen