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Across Jotunheimen


Foto: Hilde Løken MagnussenThis is without doubt one of our most traditional hikes! Visit the heart of Jotunheimen National Park and experience one of Norway’s highest summits Glittertind. The scenic walk across the Besseggen ridge, is also a part of the program. This will be a fantastic experience if you are in good physical shape! Accommodation in staffed lodges.

Tilsvarer krevende tur Viser at det vil være mye opp- og nedstigning

- Hike from cabin to cabin for 8 days
- Hike the famous ridge of Besseggen
- Great variations in Norway's most popular hiking area
- Climbing the second highest peak of Norway
Gjendebu. Foto: Kristin BochudFoto: DNT Oslo


Day1 Arrival Gjendesheim
Meet at Oslo Bus Terminal at the platform 20 minutes before departure. The platform number is shown on the monitors in the departure hall. Departure 09.30 with Valdresekspressen to the lodge Gjendesheim, arrival 14.20.
Day2 Gjendesheim - Memurubu
Hike from Gjendesheim (984 m), crossing Veslfjellet (1722 m) and across the famous Besseggen ridge. Scree and some steep parts. Down to the lodge Memurubu (984 m). Duration: 6 hrs
Day3 Memurubu - Glitterheim
Steep climb up from Memurubu, along the west side of the lake Russvatn (1175 m), through the pass "Hestlægerskaret" to the lodge Glitterheim (1374 m), where we stay for two nights. Duration: 7 hrs
Day4 Glitterheim
Extra night at Glitterheim. Climb Norway's second highest peak, Glittertind (2464 m) if the weather conditions are ok. Elevation of +1100, -1100.
Day5 Glitterheim - Spiterstulen
Hike across Skautflya (1550 m) and down to the lodge Spiterstulen (1104 m). Duration: 5 hrs. Spiterstulen has a indoor pool and sauna.
Day6 Spiterstulen - Leirvassbu
Hike up the valley, Visdalen, through Kyrkjeglupen (1460 m) and on to the lodge Leirvassbu (1401 m). Duration: 5 hrs.
Day7 Leirvassbu - Gjendebu
Hike across Høgvaglen (1445 m). Down the valley Storådalen to the lodge Gjendebu (984 m), which is situated by the beautiful lake, Gjende. Duration: 6 hrs

Gjendebu - Gjendesheim, return to Oslo
Hike steep up Bukkelægeret, crossing the peak Sjugurdtinden (1450 m) and down to the lodge Memurubu (984 m). Some steep parts. Duration: 5 hrs.
Boat to Gjendesheim. Departure by bus from Gjendesheim 17.25, to Oslo Bus Terminal, arrival 21.55.

Glitterheim. Foto: DNT Oslo og Omegn  Jotunheimen. foto: Kristin Bochud

About the terrain Most of the terrain in Jotunheimen is shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago. This means that most of the terrain consist of valleys where the elevation is between 800 - 1400 meters, steep hillsides and peaks where the elevation is 2000 - 2500 meters above sea level. The area is recommended for shure-footed and strong hikers, because of long distances between the cabins and hilly terrain. Boulders and scree make the access difficult at the high mountain passes/peaks.

Kr. 6.080,- from/to Gjendesheim
Kr. 6.570,- from/to Oslo
Additional non-member price NOK 950,-. Sign up for DNT-membership.
The package includes: Accommodation, two tour leaders, all meals (breakfast, sandwich/thermos, normally three-courses dinner) except of: First day only dinner and last day only breakfast, sandwich/thermos.


hrs = The duration given in the program is estimated walking time without breaks.
m = meters above sea level

Map Turkart Jotunheimen East and West 1:50.000. Get maps by contacting our Tour Information Centre or order maps online.
Have a look at for updated map-  and train information.

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FOTO Kristin  Bochud